Take a break from cooking and join us this summer for the best pizza around!!!
Burger standWe have the NEW YORK TIMES PIZZA which includes pepperoni, salami, bacon, green pepper, tomato, mushrooms and onions.
We also have a Taco, Meat Lovers, BBQ Chicken, Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Vegetarian and Cheese Pizza’s.
Try one of our famous Poutines!
Hangover Special, Hungry Man, Whatchamacalit and classic poutines. We also have Sweet Potato Crinkles. Simply awesome!
If you are into fresh ground beef burgers, try our Nutimik Burger or double the pleasure with a Nutimik Double Burger.
Chicken burgers and Chicken Tenders are always good too!
That’s right, let us cook for you! It’s the best ever!!
Or just stop by for an ice cream!!

Check out the 2016 Creekside Takeout Menu (.pdf 168 KB)